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Quality Assurance

Product quality and safety to our customers, communities, and the planet are our highest priority and commitment.

Food Innovation

Food Innovation

Kanetetsu has been increasing technological capability of seafood manufacturing since established. In 1955, accomplished bulk packing by Japan’s first automatic packing machine. That protect from bacteria and improve better hygiene of products. In 1990, we implemented preservative-free for all products.

Food Safety and Quality Management

Food Safety and Quality Management

Based on HACCP (food health management system), we control manufacturing process.
e.g.) When we enter a factory, we have to remove dust, fallen hair two times by adhesive sheet. And then, through air shower booth.
Also, we determined items that can bring inside factory by company management system.
For the purpose of allergic substance contamination control, we divide working materials such as apron, glove etc.. by each color.
We try to make safety and security food that consumers do not worry about it.


Kanetetsu acquired the FSSC22000 certification in 2018.
Also, we acquired US HACCP in 2017 to export our products to the US market.
We continue to strive for the highest food safety assurance in the market.

  • FSSC22000 マネジメントシステム登録証
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