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Chirashi Sushi (Scattered topping Sushi)

Chirashi Sushi (Scattered topping Sushi)

Chirashi Sushi is served on happy occasions and at parties in Japan. 
  • Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Servings: 4 servings


  • Kamaboko 1/2
  • Rice 450g
  • Chirashi Sushi seasoning Mix 2pcs (2 for 2 persons)
  • Peeled edamame 50g
  • Thinly sliced egg a little
  • Thinly slices Nori a little


1.Cut Kamaboko into 3/4" width slices and cut them in half. Break Hogu-let's into small peices by hand.

2.Put the rice in a large bowl, add Chirashi Sushi seasoning and mix them together.

3.Put seasoned rice into a bowl and add thinly sliced egg, Step 1 ingredients, and the peeled edamame. 

4. Serve in a bowl or a serving plate.

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